Sabik marine lanterns with integrated AIS (Automatic Identification System)

Products that can be supplied with integrated AIS are LED 160 AIS, SC 160 I AIS and SC 160 II AIS.


  • Available in two models Type 1 (FATDMA) and Type 3 (RATDMA) 
  • Real time monitoring of the AtoN installation using VHF Maritime mobile band 
  • AIS transponder integrated in the top part of the lanterns 
  • Integrated GPS antenna and external VHF antenna included 
  • Extremely low power consumption when used as Type 1 <45mW with 1 message/3 minutes(about 0,09 Ah/day) 
  • Support both message 21 and message 6  
  • Supports up to 10 virtual Aton:s 
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