We believe that personnel are our most valued asset. Their skills play an essential role in satisfying our customers’ ever-growing needs and push the boundaries of what we can do. To be able to do that, we support and invest in our staff’s career development and training to enhance their expertise.

Most of the employees have worked at the company for over five years, some even have respectably over 20 years of experience at the company. New colleagues from different backgrounds bring versatile experiences and knowledge as well as new ideas to the organization. Here are some examples of the people working behind the scenes of Sabik.


Heidi started working as a Financial Planning and Analysis Analyst at Sabik in August 2020. Working in the finance team, her main role is providing various reports to support management. In addition to that she also takes part in budgeting and cash management activities. By working at Sabik she hopes to contribute in improving maritime safety since seafaring is a big part of her life. In Heidi’s words, the biggest pleasure Sabik has brought to her life are the great colleagues.
Heidi likes to spend her free time with her family renovating their house and cottage next to it. Besides the family time, she also likes to play sports and relax in Ashtanga Yoga. 


Johan has worked for Sabik since February 2011. With background in Automation, he works in our Research & Development department. He’s responsible for testing out both Marine and Railway new products and prototypes.
“I like the atmosphere, the people around and I like my job. I think Sabik is leading in technology at the industry. Not only that we constantly testing out new prototypes but also upgrading our current products as well to make sure they are always at their highest standards.”
Besides work, Johan enjoys playing floorball and guitar.


Simo has worked for Sabik since 2015 as a Mechanical Designer. Prior to Sabik, he was an independent entrepreneur. Now he’s responsible for designing mechanical parts for products and making sure everything is well-fitted together.
“The working environment in Sabik is very nice. And the support from the team is something I really appreciate. It helps with finding the best solutions for our customers. I have great confidence in our products and our constant development in mechanical and electrical field.”
Besides his time at work, he enjoys spending time taking care of his summer cottage, go rowing and fishing.


Evgeny has been our Russian region representative since 2008. The love for the sea and his broad expertise in Aid-to-Navigation industry eventually led him to Sabik. His duties include a full range of activities from finding new clients, sales, customer support to ATON equipment planning, local documentation development, translations, supplies, installation and technical support.
“I’m happy to be a part of such a bright team at Sabik. The company provides a very productive environment for successful and efficient operation and steady self-development. Colleagues are intelligent professionals, always ready to share their knowledge, assist and to brainstorm ideas and thoughts. I enjoy my participation in infrastructural projects to bring safety of navigation to the highest level.
There’s no doubt that Sabik is a leader in technology and quality. We bring propulsion to the whole industry.  Besides the time at work, he enjoys doing sports included: martial arts, snowboarding, volleyball and sailing, listening to music and reading, and obviously, spending time with his family.
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