We believe that personnel are our most valued asset. Their skills play an essential role in satisfying our customers’ ever-growing needs and push the boundaries of what we can do. To be able to do that, we support and invest in our staff’s career development and training to enhance their expertise.

Most of the employees have worked at the company for over five years, some even have respectably over 20 years of experience at Sabik. New colleagues from different backgrounds bring versatile experiences and knowledge as well as new ideas to the organization. Here are some examples of the people working behind the scenes of Sabik Marine.


Esko is the new addition to Sabik Marine team since May 2018. Holding both degrees in Economics and Electrical Engineering, his diverse background varies from banking and insurance industry to manufacturing, which eventually leaded to Sabik. Esko is now our Product Manager, in charge of our product portfolio. His responsibilities are just as diverse as his background. He gets to work with PD, manufacturing, finance, sales and marketing. He’s in charge of overlooking the entire chain of Sabik Marine products and services at all stages of their life cycles.
“There are many things I like about working at Sabik. The team always focus on delivering the best and our organization is dynamic. The working atmosphere is candour and friendly. For me it is valuable to get to work in international setting with brilliant colleagues all around the globe.
I’m proud of what my team and I are doing. What many people don’t realize is the high level of testing and quality assurance that we conduct. Buying Sabik means buying peace of mind. While leaning on our robust foundation, we are also constantly forward-looking and working to keep our offering state of the art. As an example, recently, we have put effort to bring connectivity options to our products ranging from Bluetooth to satellite communication.”
Outside work, occasional sailing around Finnish archipelagos and scuba diving are some of his favourite ocean-oriented hobbies.


Our representative in Americas is Steve Oh together with his colleague Mark Novo. As a Business Development Manager, with Mark, he is responsible for our overall sales of Marine division for all of Americas region, specifically concentrating on growing our non-Coast Guard clientele including our distributors in both North and Latin Americas.
“We have a bright team here and the experience is rewarding. Nothing more satisfying than knowing that you’ve helped someone with their needs and at the same time ensuring the safety of mariners worldwide. Our strength lies in quality and services. We are highly regarded as a company that manufacture top quality equipment and as someone who stands behind their products.”


Johan has worked for Sabik since February 2011. With background in Automation, he works in our Research & Development department. He’s responsible for testing out both Marine and Railway new products and prototypes.
“I like the atmosphere, the people around and I like my job. I think Sabik is leading in technology at the industry. Not only that we constantly testing out new prototypes but also upgrading our current products as well to make sure they are always at their highest standards.”
Besides work, Johan enjoys playing floorball and guitar.


Simo has worked for Sabik since 2015 as a Mechanical Designer. Prior to Sabik, he was an independent entrepreneur. Now he’s responsible for designing mechanical parts for products and making sure everything is well-fitted together.
“The working environment in Sabik is very nice. And the support from the team is something I really appreciate. It helps with finding the best solutions for our customers. I have great confidence in our products and our constant development in mechanical and electrical field.”
Besides his time at work, he enjoys spending time taking care of his summer cottage, go rowing and fishing.


Coming along with Vega acquisition is Glen, our new Technical Support and Vega’s product specialist. His responsibilities include troubleshooting and coming up with creative solutions. Living in Mexico, he’s much closer to our core customer base in Americas than most, thus, making it easy to offer technical supports in their time zone.
“I like what I’m doing. It’s meaningful and it gives a lot of opportunities to travel even to some of the most remote regions of the world or regions where civilians are not allowed to enter. I believe that Sabik holds a strong position in the industry, especially after the acquisition. Now we have a complete portfolio with high quality and well-designed products to offer”
In his free time, he enjoys salsa dancing to take his stress away.


Evgeny has been our Russian region representative since 2008. The love for the sea and his broad expertise in Aid-to-Navigation industry eventually leaded him to Sabik Marine. His duties include a full range of activities from searching for the new clients, sales, customer support to ATON equipment planning, local documentation development, translations, supplies, installation and technical support.
“I’m happy to be a part of such bright team as Sabik Marine is. The company provides very productive environment for successful and efficient operation and steady self-development. Colleagues are intelligent professionals, always ready to share their knowledge, assist and to brainstorm ideas and thoughts. I enjoy my participation in infrastructural projects to bring safety of navigation to highest level working together with our customers and Sabik Marine team.
There’s no doubt that Sabik Marine is leader in technology and quality. We bring propulsion to the whole industry.  Besides the time at work, he enjoys doing sports included: martial arts, snowboarding, volleyball and sailing, listening to music and reading, and obviously, spending time with his family.


As Marketing Communication Manager, Heini is responsible for Sabik Marine global marketing. As the company grows, the need and requirements for marketing also increases. She has background in advertising and digital marketing agencies and with our marketing partners her line of work is broad and diverse. From working with R&D department in product launches, to working with regional sales managers and authorized distributors around the world with marketing-related issues, she ensures that the company brand, strategies and visions are implemented and communicated clear throughout all projects.
“My role is versatile, and I really enjoy the international business environment and the diversity of my work. During the last year, I have, for example, managed exhibition projects in Europe, Asia and South America, website renewal, company image video and marketing automation projects.
I am satisfied and proud to work for Sabik Marine. We are leading the industry with our complete portfolio of high-quality products, advanced technology as well as our wonderful team around the world.”
In her free-time Heini enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, jogging and other sports. She is a lifestyle cyclist. No matters come rain or shine, even the freezing Finnish winter, she’ll be on her bike to work and back.


Jens has worked in Sabik since August 2007. With his expertise, he holds the position of a Sales Director in our company.
“Sabik has a very good working atmosphere. People are flexible and adaptive and willing to take on challenges. With the expansion, it’s getting busier and busier each day but I’m motivated and satisfied with the job. I can say in confidence that we have a strong position in the industry and our strength lies in quality and dedicating customer supports”
In his spare time, he likes to be on his boat cruising during summertime and enjoy downhill skiing when the snow starts to pour.
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