Offshore Oil and Gas Products

Energy-efficient LED lanterns, fog signals and solar energy solutions for offshore oil & gas platforms

For marking of offshore oil and gas structures we offer high-quality products including fog signals and solar energy solutions. Our LED lanterns are energy-efficient and therefore particularly suitable for solar applications where platform power has been or is planned to be removed.

Our specialty is marking of the decommissioned offshore platforms. Read more about Rigwatcher, a helicopter-portable offshore lighthouse.

Read more about Benefits of Rigwatcher in Marking of Decommissioned Offshore Platforms.

Read more about different ATON marks based on IALA’s Maritime Buoyage System.

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HEKLEO-2XSR is a frequency agile dual band radar beacon ...


Fog signal SFH 6 Fog Signal is a 2 NM audio signal. The ...


Fog Signal SHF Fog Signal is a 0,5 nm audio signal. The ...

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