Self-contained lanterns

Sabik Solar-powered lanterns for harsh marine environments

Solar-powered lanterns for harsh marine environments

Self-contained solutions are now even more comprehensive than before thanks to constant development of LEDs, solar panels and battery technologies. Self-contained lanterns with an integrated light and solar power supply are an ideal solution for the operator. The larger the energy package, the higher the latitude where the solution can be used.  These long service life and maintenance-free solutions generate direct cost-savings and increased efficiency. These long service life and maintenance-free solutions generate direct cost-savings and increased efficiency. Read about different ATON marks based on IALA’s Maritime Buoyage System.

Carmanah self-contained lanterns

Our offering includes the Carmanah-branded small self-contained lanterns. Carmanah was the first manufacturer in the industry to offer solar-powered marine lanterns already in the 1990’s and today this world-famous range of small self-contained lanterns belong to our marine brand portfolio.

Energy management in a self-contained lantern

In a self-contained marine lantern an enclosure houses the solar panels, batteries and LEDs. This compact design simplifies installation—just mount and configure the light to turn on at night. But how does it work?


Even when it’s cloudy, the sun’s energy generates power. When sunlight hits the solar panel, it excites the electrons, creating a DC current flowing into the battery. The battery stores energy with enough backup for even the darkest months.


The EMS regulates the flow of energy from panels to batteries and from batteries to LEDs. Thanks to our unique EMS design, our solar lights have a small footprint while meeting light intensity requirements.


Batteries power the LED light and the EMS, ensuring the light shines and/or flashes at the required intensity from dusk to dawn.


A properly sized solar light has a higher ENERGY IN than ENERGY OUT. This means the system converts more of the sun’s energy into electricity than it requires to power the light. A properly balance ALR ensures the system works consistently and doesn’t consume more energy than it can create.


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