a helicopter-portable and solar-powered lighthouse for decommissioned offshore platforms

Miles away from the shore the grey concrete gravity based structures rise from the deep sea waters. These giant legs are the standing traces of an abandoned offshore oil rig. They can be a major threat to the safety of navigation if not marked correctly, but access to them poses a challenge. That is where Rigwatcher, our new helicopter portable offshore lighthouse, comes in rescue.
There is an increasing number of drilling platforms being decommissioned and brought back to shore for dismantling every year. After the removal of the platform topside, the concrete gravity legs are often left behind in the sea, as their removal is too challenging and expensive. However, these enormous concrete gravity structures can pose a major threat to the mariners and that is why they need to be marked according to the safety regulations and legalities.

However, the challenge in marking these structures lies in their location. Distant offshore constructions miles away from the coastline are difficult and expensive to approach. Also, the access to them is limited and sending personnel on site is often impossible due to the hazardous work environment.

With decades of expertise, global experience and tested technologies of marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) solutions, we introduce:

RIGWATCHER - Single-lift autonomous AtoN package to meet all requirements

Rigwatcher is a compact aids-to-navigation package that meets your regulatory and operational needs. It is a solution that delivers continuing confidence post platform abandonment.

Rigwatcher contains a fully autonomous power supply system based on solar panels, batteries and a charger. It also has a LED light source capable of giving a 360° signal over 10 NM away. Using the latest optical technology, our LED lanterns are exceptionally low power and therefore particularly suitable for solar applications. The core unit can be fitted with other payloads, such as Racon, Foghorn and AIS, depending on project specifications.

The mechanical design can withstand even the most severe weather conditions and the structure is tested and certified by DNV.

Rigwatcher meets the requirements set by the authorities in the UK and Ireland on marking offshore oil and gas platforms during decommissioning and total removal of structures (GLA Navigation marking Guidance). Monitoring and inbuilt redundancy to maintain availability by secondary systems meets the IALA availability requirement according to Recommendation O-130 (ed. 2 June 2011).

Solution designed to overcome even the most severe weather conditions

Rigwatcher is designed to endure even the most challenging weather conditions. As for the stress and strength calculations, the wind pressure loads have been determined according to PhysE’s Metocean Criteria, which is based on weather and wind speed data spanning from 1957 to 2011 in one hour intervals. The structure is made of high grade aluminum and stainless steel. The bases that are permanently fixed on top of the rig pillars are made of duplex stainless steel that is extra resistant to corrosion and fatigue. Rigwatchers are individually named and marked according to the DNV standards for portable offshore units.

Maintenance-free and remote monitored solution that reduces operational costs

With today’s pressures of financial optimization and strict investment budgets, Rigwatcher is a solution that delivers long service life and reduced operational costs. Thanks to the compact and cost-effective design, it can also be used as a temporary marking for cold stacked platforms.

The maintenance-free and self-contained solution increases efficiency, as well as generates time and cost savings to the operator. With advanced satellite remote monitoring, unmanned assets can be safely and confidently overseen for continued compliance and operational security.

Offshore marking solution from the world’s leading manufacturer of marine signals

We have decades of experience in developing AtoN solutions for the challenging environments on- and offshore. Our products are trusted by coast guards, marine authorities, navies and ports around the world. As highly committed innovators we contribute to the development of industry standards and technologies. Using our years of expertise, global experience and tested technologies, we have designed our latest innovation to the exacting standards of one of the world’s most demanding industries.
Learn the 6 key benefits that make Rigwatcher, the new helicopter portable offshore lighthouse, a pre-eminent choice for your decommissioned offshore oil rig
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RIGWATCHER - Bring light to your decommissioned offshore structure
The breadth and depth of Sabik’s expertise to provide comprehensive marine and offshore AtoN solutions is gaining even more ground now as we are ready to be your trusted partner in marking offshore decommissioning projects.

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