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  • Marine Sabik about the companyMarine Sabik about the company


Sabik is a well-to-do company in an interesting field of aids-to-navigation and is constantly striving towards further development of its products and processes. At Sabik, we believe that personnel is our most valued asset and it shows. Most of the employees have been working at the company for a long time. Here are some examples of the people working behind the scenes of Sabik.


ArjaArja Berlin-Vikman

Arja takes care of finances and customer care in the Sabik Oy and has celebrated already 10 years in the company in June 2014. Arja also handles all the issues relating to order processing e.g. export documentation, invoicing etc. She works closely with sales and production in Sabik and with purchasing and accounts payable departments from the customer. Arja’s hobbies include picking berries and mushrooms, skiing and gym. 

“Sabik is the best employer I have had. My work is really independent and  interesting. At Sabik everyone is valued as the same and there is no bureaucrary. This is a really interesting field, which is moving fast forward and even if Sabik has  been in this market for a long time, it is a constantly rising star”, Arja tells about the company.


KajKaj Eriksson

Kaj has been working in Sabik’s production in Finland since 2001. His work includes assembly of products and taking care of certain production phases from beginning to the end. He also measures and tests products before they leave the premises. He works closely with the whole production and software development teams.

Kaj is very satisfied with his work at Sabik. “We have a really good team here and Sabik has all the possibilities to go even further forward in the future.” In his spare time Kaj works as a voluntary fireman. That is one of the reasons why he is also as the Security Manager at Sabik. He lives in the archipelago of Porvoo, Pellinki and enjoys boating, hunting and fishing there.


MatiasMatias Perttu

Matias is one of the new members of Sabik Finland. He has started at Sabik 2013 but is already planning to have a long career in this interesting company. Matias works in the sales team, taking care of multiple tasks relating to sales and product marketing. He is especially responsible for Offshore Oil & Gas business and Middle Eastern countries.

Matias works in cooperation with all the departments inside the company and one of his main tasks is to develop Sabik’s business in close cooperation with our distributors. “Sabik is a great employer and we have a very open work community. Sabik has the family run company feeling even if it is not one,” Matias tells about the company.

“I see Sabik’s future as a really bright one. We have managed to take most of the markets because of our high-quality products. But we will continue to take huge leaps in the Middle East and Asia”, he continues. In his spare time Matias likes to run, swim and go to the gym, whenever he has the time. Also listening to music and watching films help him to relax.


heini2Heini Tyvelä-Ojala

Heini has been working in Sabik for more than five years. As Marketing Communications Manager she is responsible for implementing the company brand, strategy and vision into the marketing projects: from exhibitions and traditional print materials to digital marketing and content creation. She works together with the R&D department on the product launches and supports the regional sales managers and authorized distributors around the world in the marketing-related issues: “My role is versatile and I enjoy working in the international business environment. We have long-time marketing partners, who understand our niché business and its special challenges and requirements.” In Finland she is also responsible for the personnel events and wellness activities.

In her free-time Heini enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and sports. She is a lifestyle cyclist and values her daily quality time when cycling to work, come rain or shine, even the freezing cold Finnish winter.


tommiTommi Sahamies

Tommi has been working in Sabik Finland since September 2006. He is responsible for design of mechanical parts and drawing production pictures. He works closely with electronics design team in order to create the best possible products and solutions for our customers.

“I think Sabik is an excellent employer. Everything works well in the organization and this is especially thanks to our great combination of R&D, sales and marketing. Everything works seamlessly together and is led well by our management team. The future of Sabik is looking great.” says Tommi. He also appreciates especially freedom in his work and that he can be responsible for his own projects. In his spare time Tommi likes to jog and play floorball.


David Koh webDavid Koh

David started working for Sabik on 1st February 2013 as the Sales Director for Asia when the operations of Sabik Pte Ltd were established. His job is to process and coordinate orders in the Asia and Pacific region as well as support distributors in their sales efforts. He works very closely with Sabik sales and technical teams in Finland.

 “Although my office is far from Finland, my two visits to Porvoo and time spent with people with Sabik there have been very warm and friendly. They are the most pleasant people you can find anywhere! I think Sabik has a very bright future, figuratively and literally.”

David is very into sports as a spectator as well as a participant. He runs and swims regularly. “The recently concluded Heia Heia campaign with Sabik Group of companies was really fun, cheering each other on and I am glad to have been able to contribute some hours to it.”