Alphabetical Product List

AIS for Aids to Navigation
Battery Box SBE 130 EX
Battery Enclosure SBE 86
Battery Enclosure SBE68SS
Country Specific Solutions
Floodlight LTF 400
Fog Detector SFD 7100 EX
Fog Signal SFH 1 EX
Fog Signal SFH 6 EX
Hybrid Lantern HBL 110
Hybrid Marker Light SBFH 160
Ice Buoy Lantern MPV LED
Ice Buoy Lantern VP LED
Lanterns with integrated AIS
Light Tube LT 1000
LightGuard Monitor
LightGuard Monitor Mobile App
Main Power Supplies PS 30 and PS 120
Marine Lantern LED 110
Marine Lantern LED 155
Marine Lantern LED 160
Marine Lantern LED 350
Marine Lantern LED 350 H
Marker Light SBF 160
Marker Light SBFL 160
Offshore Lantern LED 155 EX
Offshore Lantern LED 350 EX
Photocell LDR 155 EX
Power Supply UPS 12
Projector sector light E8554
Projector sector light E8592
Projector sector light E8593
Projector sector light E8594
Railway Crossings LED Signal RCS100FSS/RSL100FSS
Railway LED Signal RSL200
Range Light LO 200
Range Light LO 200H
Range Light LO 200M
Range Light LS 100
Range Light SCLO 200M
Road Traffic Light Signal TRV200/TRV100
Sector light ODSL 200
Self-contained Lantern M550
Self-contained Lantern M650H
Self-contained Lantern M660
Self-contained Lantern M850
Self-contained Lantern M860
Self-contained Lantern SC 110
Self-contained Lantern SC 155I
Self-contained Lantern SC 155II
Self-contained Lantern SC 160I
Self-contained Lantern SC 160II
Self-contained Lantern SC LS-100
Shunting Signal RSSL100
Solar Module STSM 85 EX
Solar Modules
Sonnenschein Solar Batteries
Sunica Ni-Cd Batteries
Support Structure
System Assemblies
Wind Generator SWG 350