Sabik VLL-43




Product Info

13 NM to 22 NM @ 0.74T. The VLL-43 Linear Lead Light is powerful unidirectional light ideal for marking short ranges and obstacles. The optical system utilises an acrylic lens to capture and project the light from the high-powered LEDs. The LEDs are precisely graded and placed to produce a light beam with minimum variation in intensity. Any number of these lights can be used to achieve the desired range. Each unit has its own control board and can be operated individually.

VLL-43 features:

  • Separate intensity settings for day
  • Nine night/day transition settings.
  • Up to 246 standard flash characters.
  • One programmable custom character
  • Wired synchronisation with options of master/slave
  • Synch delay from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds
  • Battery low voltage cut off
  • Optional PIN code for programming
  • External GPS synchronisation using the VSU-29 unit
  • Automatic Schmidt-Clausen correction for intensity


  pdf Product Datasheet VLL-43 (pdf eng) (935 KB)

Product Datasheet VLL-43 (pdf ES)

Product Datasheet VLL-43 (pdf RU)

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