Sabik Sonnenschein Solar Block -VRLA Batteries

Sonnenschein Solar Block -VRLA Batteries



Product Info

Valve regulated lead acid batteries for solar systems The Sonnenschein Solar battery range is very powerful and reliable in rough application conditions. The batteries are used in fixed and floating solar powered Aids to Navigation worldwide.

Sonnenschein Solar Block -VRLA Batteries features:

  • Lifetime expectancy in excess of 7 years
  • 800 cycles according to IEC 896-2
  • Recyclable
  • Maintenance-free (no topping up)
  • Gel technology with grid plate providing longer lifetime than AGM or flooded batteries
  • Proof against deep discharge
  • Gel battery with considerably reduced risk of acid spills
  • Robust mechanical design, built-in handles for easy handling


pdf Product Datasheet Sonnenschein Solar battery (pdf eng) (59 KB)

pdf Product Datasheet Sonnenschein Solar battery (pdf ES) (166 KB)

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