Sabik STSM 85 EX

Solar Modules



Product Info

Photovoltaic Modules for Aids-to-Navigation. These high performance modules are developed and optimized for off-grid photovoltaic systems. The modules have a proven record in hundreds of AtoN installation from arctic to tropic conditions. They have a high reliability in harsh marine environments.

Solar Modules features:

  • Long-life industrial quality design
  • Stable frame construction
  • Stable aluminium frame with mounting and grounding holes
  • Carefully selected polycrystalline solar cells to reach top performance
  • Wired in bypass diodes to reduce potential loss of power and damage from partial array shading
  • Junction box with installation friendly cable fittings
  • Designed to meet the environmental requirements of IEC61215


pdf  Product Datasheet Solar Modules (pdf eng) (181 KB)

Product Datasheet Solar Modules (pdf ES)

Product Datasheet Solar Modules (pdf RU)

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