VPL 110


Product Info

VPL 110 is a robust lantern with an outer polycarbonate cover to be used integrated into buoy applications. This lantern has very low power consumption and is equipped with GPS synchronization. LightGuard remote monitoring can be added as an option and advanced Bluetooth® Control app is also available for android and iOS mobile phones.


 VPL 110 features:

  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Integrated flasher with day and night switch
  • Standard range: 4 NM at Tc = 0,74 (5 NM at Tc = 0,85)
  • Available in standard IALA colours
  • Vertical divergence 8° @ 50% (±1°) of peak intensity
  • GPS synchronization as standard
  • Remote monitoring with LightGuard Monitor
  • Programmable with Sabik standard IR programming devices
  • A dvanced Bluetooth® Control up to 50m available for android and iOS smart phones



  pdf Product Datasheet VPL 110 (pdf eng) (309 KB)

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