The many advantages of LED lanterns have already been proven in marine signaling. Customers worldwide are now advancing the same development in offshore applications with improved energy efficiency, low maintenance costs and better reliability.

In addition to the standard marine product portfolio Sabik has hazardous area approvals for a complete range of high quality Navaid products for offshore oil and gas platforms, FSO tankers, FPSO tankers and SBM buoys.



Sabik Marine Bluetooth Control system for Marine


Is the lantern still operational? -  Are the settings correct? - Does the battery have enough energy? With Sabik Bluetooth® Control app you can check your lantern easily and safely from the vessel without climbing onto a buoy or beacon. You can check the status and configure your lantern from a distance of up to 50 meters. All you need in the field is your smartphone. The Bluetooth® feature is available from 1.1.2017 in following Sabik Marine products: 1.) STANDARD FEATURE in the product series of LED 160, LED 350, HBL, M660, ODSL 200, SC-160 1 & 2 and LO 200. 2.) OPTIONAL FEATURE for LED 155.



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NEVA 2017

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